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Harlow Open 17

Harlow Open is a exhibition which invites artists who live or have lived, work or study within Harlow to submit work for exhibition. We encourage all types of subjects and a broad range of media from amateur, developing and professional artists. 


The Prize Winners Are

BEST IN SHOW - 'I Don't Really Like Tea' by Andy Lee

SECOND IN SHOW'The Rift'  by Christina Feldman

THIRD IN SHOW - 'Highs and Lows of Life'  by Mary-Ann Stevens

COMMENDATION FOR PRINT - 'Scenes from: A brief history of thought' by Robert Bramwich

COMMENDATION FOR PAINITNG - 'Refugee' by David Weekes





24th June - 9th July

The Harlow Art and Sculpture Trail is a celebration of the visual art activity in Harlow Town Centre and provides a unique opportunity to see an exciting range of artwork being produced in the area by local artists. The artworks can be found in the windows of shops, businesses and venues in the Town Centre. The trail has been organised by a partnership consisting of Gatehouse Arts, The Gibberd Gallery and The Harvey Shopping Centre.

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Its the begining of an exciting exhibition by internationally renowned artist Peter Randall-Page entitled 'Caught In The Act'. We have been 'caught in the act' making a bit of a mess whilst we move walls, paint and prepare for work to arrive but all will be transformed in time for the private view event on the 16th June. We will be storing the permanent collection to make space for this established artists range of artworks which includes; ink on paper, bronze, marble and stone sculpture, prints and maquettes. Exhibition opens 17th June.


Saturday 16th April the gallery will be open between 11am - 2pm. This is the last weekend opportunity to see the At Sea exhibition. 

From 12pm there will be a book lanch event for the novel 'Annia Regilla - Her Cenotaph' by John Graham. 

Live jazz muusic will also accompany. 

Invitation for Booklaunch 4611686018428025858

OUT ON TOUR 14th - 20th March

With art events across Harlow OUT ON TOUR successfully managed to get people talking about the towns sculpture collection and permanent watercolour collection.

20160315 111935

Many people admired the installation by Times Echoed artists Fiona Bennett and Mike Coombs in the gallery community window which featured 9 photomontages which were adapted from donated images as well as the thought provoking soundscape which interupted the daily hum of the civic centre.  

20160314 161629



Rich Tea Projects artists Amanda Westbury and Elaine Tribley quickly got reactions when they wrapped four of the sculptures in the town in broad daylight. Many local people were inquisitive and were worried that the sculptures where going to removed and taken to London whilst others suggested more to be wrapped. #Harlow Wrap is still currently ongoing with one sculpture in the town still wrapped. The other three were removed (very neatly) by an anonymous person and by the weather. Rich Tea also prepared a tour of the sculptures in the town with people attending finding out more of the unusual history of the sculputres.

20160319 112020



Plenty of exciting bags were created with a workshop run by Ellen Love using relief printing techniques. Families inspired by the collections of Harlow were able to create a unique accessory and discuss the art of the town. 

20160322 123753


Artist Sally Gorman set up a studio in the civic centre to create a new modern family group inspired by the Henry Moore 'Harlow Family Group' which sits carved of stone in the Civic Centre. Many admired and found joy in this new representation with a mother, father, child and grandmother. The sculpture is now exhibited in the Gibberd Gallery window in the Civic Centre until the 21st April. 

Shaping Shoppers

Creative Consultant Brief


The Gibberd Gallery would like to commission two creative consultants to work with two Wards of Harlow to raise awareness and profile of their local businesses.

Harlow has eleven Wards which, in the original planning by Sir Frederick Gibberd, were small villages serving the needs of the immediate community. As Harlow developed, neighbourhood shopping centres were created, ensuring the community/village feel was embedded amongst local residents and business community.

Over the years, with social and commercial changes taking place, some of the neighbourhood shopping centres have struggled to maintain their position as community hubs and no longer fulfil the original concept as imagine by Gibberd and the New Town pioneers.

With the diverse range of public and private services and there locations within the community, the centres still offer unique community hub opportunities, providing  both social and economic benefits; but due to the inward facing infrastructures, poor promotion and ageing public open spaces, do not capture the potential footfall and daily spend that other competing centres do. And, public and business engagement is sporadic, inconsistent and under-utilised.

We want to work with the businesses in two of these Wards: Bush Fair and the Stow.

We will support the future viability of the centres for commercial and community uses ensuring that they are and remain competitive and desirable for investment. We will work with Harlow Council providing creative consultants to help them better engage with tenants and members of the public, in an innovative and tangible way.

The consultants will join a focused group of landlords and shop owners and contribute their specialism to help provide unique benefits to both improvements to the public open space but also the individual tenant’s units.

This role requires an individual with a head for business, practicality, creativity, organisation and good communication skills. You will be given the flexibility to think outside the box and create concepts to improve the neighbourhood shopping centres, which then will be considered for additional funding, given evidence of proposals and planning. Your ideas can be as physical as revamping window displays, creating unique and coherent branding, to changing the logistics of how the business currently run. Having experience working in community and/or business based projects is highly recommended as well as a good local knowledge of the chosen Wards. Previous examples of innovative research methods are also to be considered when applying for this job.

It is anticipated that the project will be delivered over 9 - 12 months, with consultants and practitioners appointed to each ward, receiving a total payment of £6,250 each.

All who apply for the commission need to have public liability insurance and a current DBS (previously CRB) check.

The deadline for application is: Friday, 1st April 2016

The interviewing process will take place the week commencing 11th April 2016.

Please send a cover letter explaining your interest for working with us alongside your CV:

Corrina Dunlea

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Arts Means Business 

Celebrating the history, innovation and future of Harlow.


In the 50’s Harlow was part of a utopian vision, a place where lives could be started afresh where work and leisure thrived in supportive communities. There were flourishing leading industries that sadly declined in the 80’s. Through major business investment and a growing recognition that arts and culture are integral to its growth the time is right to integrate these elements, highlight the appeal of Harlow and boost its economy.

It will be 50 years, in 2016, since Sir Charles Kao and George Hockham (Nobel prize winners) invented Fibre Optics here in Harlow. We want to celebrate this life changing innovation by hosting an exhibition that captures the essence of past, present and future capabilities of business including leading major companies as well as smaller independents. An exhibition that captures the essence of past, present and future capabilities of local business, in a creative way.

The exhibition will be an intriguing combination of innovation, illumination and communication, site specific commissions and surprising pieces submitted from companies in and around the town. 

Artist Residencies

As part of this celebratory exhibtion we have created three artist in residency projects in leading businesses in Halow. The artists have been working in their paired business since April 2015, investigating the businesses history, materials they use as well as talking to collegues to help them respond creativley and create artwork which will represent the business. 


 Artist Sarah Brown has been working with Raytheon - a global firm developing radar technologies with the Harlow site being the company's new technology centre and business headquarters.



Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services, and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. Local artist and felt maker Connie Flynn has been working with Arrow to create a large textile piece.






Artist Valerie Inns has been working with innovative lighting company Astro lighting. This business has thrived through its site in Harlow, and now ships worldwide and designs products which are used in designs for 5 star hotels and RIBA award winning buildings.



Jamie Gledhill will also be creating a virtual residency which will look at and play with creating an interactive piece which observes, reflects and challenges Harlow’s aesthetic, its post-war collections and the unique utopian New Towns values. Jamie’s findings will be tracked online under the hashtag #gibberdvirtualresidency.  


Business Innovation

Small businesses will also be represented through interesting, beautiful, unusual and useful objects being creatively displayed. This offers the viewer a look into these businesses which are often hidden behind gates. The businesses chosen each work in innovative ways to progress their business and the use of technology plays a vital role in most of what they do.

Businesses included are Smiths Aerospace, Lumino Lighting, Apple Services, SEKO and GaurdHome.


Business Networking and Launch Event - Tuesday 11th October 6pm – 7pm

An event with contributions from local artists and business leaders in Harlow to encourage connections between and among businesses and communities. Guests are invited to bring their business card to be displayed and be part of a prize draw. Come to get inspired and find out more about Harlow’s heritage and future plans for Harlow’s development.

List of Speakers

Ian Hudson, Chairman of Harlow Chamber

How has business developed in Harlow and where is the future of Harlow Businesses?

Chris Snow, Harlow Art Trust Trustee

The vision of the Harlow Art Trust and its future aspirations

James Bassant, Astro Design Director

What does building communities and links with Harlow's arts scene mean to our business?

John Keddie, Chairman Harlow Enterprise Zone Board

Harlow’s industrial heritage, how the Enterprise Zone will reinvigorate that and how this can support the arts

Councillor Jon Clempner, Leader of the Council

Harlow's future development of arts and business

Corrina Dunlea, Gibberd Gallery Director

How can the art and business work together and the future Harlow Sculpture Town

This exhibition will be a celebration of the artist, his work and working methods and the themes that inspire him. Works will include sculpture made from stone, marble and bronze as well as works on paper and maquettes. This will be an exhibition that lives within the gallery playing with the ideas surrounding Randall's work including the patterns and chaos within nature.


This extravagant and vibrant exhibition of carvings, bronzes, works on paper and maquettes sees the work of Essex born and internationally renowned artist Peter Randall-Page RA come to the East of England for the very first time at the Gibberd Gallery, managed by the Harlow Art Trust.

The gallery will be transformed into a journey through Peter's artistic transitions allowing visitors to examine techniques close up and investigate their beginnings in the natural world and the mathematics which are within each form. The journey begins with the stone carving Warp and Woof placed in The Water Gardens, creating a unique marker and a starting point for visitors to this ground-breaking show.

                             Webcrop   Webcrop2   webcrop4

Peter delves into the mathematics of natural forms exploring patterns, camouflage and symmetry as well as its sensuality and inherent rhythm leading to a distinct and robust body of work each tangibly connected but distinctly unique. Peter's enquiring working process leads to passionate study of forms and theory of patternation within nature. Pattern is usually a term used for the application of decoration to a surface of an object. Peter's exploration of the term and its fundamentality for natures existence brings a whole new meaning to pattern, being used within not just the aesthetics of the work but is concept and meaning. Sketchbooks and ephemera show his working and application of study to practical objects.

No study however is required when coming face to face with these intensely captivating works, instinctively we recognise and react to their geometry and beauty as we do to nature everyday. Peter describes this as “plants, in common with the rest of the world, enter our consciousness as subjective feelings as well as more quantifiable information; we recognise them as an aspect of the biological system of which we ourselves are a part; they nourish our spirits as well as our bodies and stimulate our imaginations as well as our intellects''

Stand out works include the ceramic mosaic Wing (2009) which magnifies the intricate cellular structure of a grasshopper wing with each tile representing a single cell, this allows us to see the invisible in a solid and textured form. The series of three bronze works Theme and Variation juxtaposes order and randomness cleverly created with the use of a natural boulder with thousands of ping pong balls attached in a regular pattern following the depression and rises of the original stone. Cast in bronze and painted in black these deep and alluring sculptures intrigue with their uniformed nodules and dark matter quality.

This exhibition is a fitting display of contemporary sculpture for a town with an established reputation for 20th Century sculpture on public display across Harlow.


Free Family Workshop - Sculpt your own Peter Randall-Page boulder

Saturday 18th June 11am - 2pm

Create your own sculpture using clay and be inspired by the shapes, textures and patterns from the work of Peter Randall-Page. The boulders will be displayed in the gallery for the duration of the exhibtion and you will be able to take it home when the exhibition finishes. This is a free drop in workshop for all ages.



Peter Randall-Page was born in the UK in 1954 and studied sculpture at Bath Academy of Art from 1973–77.

During the past 30 years he has gained an international reputation through his sculpture, drawings and prints. He has undertaken numerous large scale commissions and exhibited widely. His work is held in public and private collections throughout the world including Australia, Eire, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, USA, Spain, South Korea and Turkey. A selection of his public sculptures can be found in many urban and rural locations throughout the UK including London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge and he is represented in the permanent collections of the Tate Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Museum.

He has been awarded an Hon D.Litt Bath Spa University (2013), Hon D.Litt Exeter University (2010), Hon D.Litt York St John University (2009) Hon D.Arts University of Plymouth (1999) and was elected as a Royal Academician in the category of sculpture in June 2015.


As a member of the design team for the Education Resource Centre (The Core) at the Eden Project in Cornwall, Peter influenced the overall design of the building incorporating an enormous granite sculpture (Seed, pictured) at its heart.

Recent commissions include Harmonic Solids for the University of Music, Karlsruhe (2013) Source at Southmead Hospital Bristol (2013), Theme and Variation commissioned by the University of Birmingham for the façade of the Bramhall Music Building (2014) façades at the new Laboratory building at Dulwich College designed in collaboration with Grimshaw architects (2015) and a major new work The One and the Many at Fitzroy Place, London.

Link to Peter Randall-Page website

Image Credit: Jonty Wilde


 chimneys change    gate2   folio shackleton final3  


The Art of Illustration will explore the work of Simon Pemberton an illustraor and artist. Is there a difference between illustration and fine art? Why do we seek the differences? Through exhibiting both works created for specific briefs and works more personal to the artist we will be able to examine the processes and inspiration,beauty and detail of each and how they overlap.

royal mail butterflies spreadsretouch

Simon was born on the wirral near Liverpool and moved to London to study BA design the MA illustraion at Central St.Martin's College of Art. He now lives and works in London's east end with a studio overlooking London fields. His illustration work has been commissioned by a wide variety of major design, publishing and advertising agencies worldwide. Simon has won many wards including in 2015 the Victoria and Albert Museum Editorial Illustration Award. He has worked on projects for companies including Penguin Books, Taylors Coffee and The Guardian.

Open Saturday 21st May

11am - 2pm

Artist Walk and Talk 

12pm Free

An informal walk and talk where Simon will talk about his inspirations and career progression whilst pinpointing projects and artworks from the exhibition. 





AT SEA brings together a collection of significant work by four leading contemporary artists ;  Norman Ackroyd - Simon Carter  - Maggi Hambling - Len Tabner 

Each artist is widely admired and acclaimed with many works exhibited and held in public collections both in the UK and overseas, AT SEA explores their varied practice and response to the sea and the coastline of the British Isles, including etchings, painting and sculpture. 

Harlow has two outstanding collections of public sculpture and 20th century watercolours, all of which inspire our temporary exhibition programme, some of the gallery's permanent 20th century collection of watercolours and will be on view including work by  Norman Adams, John Nash and Brian Wynter. 


Norman Ackroyd RA CBE was born in Leeds and studied at The Royal College of Art, London in the early 1960s, he was elected into the Royal Academy of Art in 1988 and appointed Professor of etching, University of the Arts in 1994 and became a senior fellow at the Royal Academy of Art in 2000. He has been awarded a CBE for his services to engraving and printmaking in 2007. Norman's work is held in many public collections worldwide including the Art Institute Chicargo, British Museum and the National Gallery of Norway. An artist and printmaker Norman's work ranges in scale and often uses watercolour and etching to show abstraction and detail. He also creates specially commissioned pieces in bronze or steel for architecturalprojects. On show in the 'At Sea' exhibition will be exquisite etchings from across the British Isles each capturing the mood and beauty of the environment.


Norman Ackroyd, No. 613 Stac an Armin - Evening

Simon Carter was born in Essex and still lives and creates from a studio in North-East Essex coast. Simon is constantly sketching and denoting the landscape experiencing the environment. Information recorded in the landscape morphs when it is retrieved and reused to create large and small scale paintings. Simon layers patterns of waves from drawings adding in figures and works quickly to retain the energy of putting paint to canvas. His works are held in many public collections across Britain and abroad including The University of Essex, Epping Forest District Museum and the Rugby Museum and Art Gallery. Recent exhibitions include Art Toronto with Messum’s, Contemporary British Watercolours at Maidstone Museum, Action: Abstract Painting at Swindon Museum and Bacon to Rego at Abbot Hall. Simon's most recent solo show was The Series Paintings at Messum’s in 2015.


Simon Carter, Light on the Sea

Maggi Hambling CBE was born in Sudbury, Suffolk and studied at Ipswich School of Art and The Slade School of Art, London in the 1960's. One of the UK’s most distinguished contemporary artists, Hambling exhibits throughout the UK and abroad and has works in public collections including the British Museum, Tate, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. Hambling’s celebrated sea paintings use oil paint to evoke the crashing of waves and the power and energy of the sea, and were the subject of her exhibition The Sea at the The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge in 2010 and, more recently in 2015, Walls of Water at the National Gallery, London. Her practice also includes printmaking, installation andsculpture, with one of her most famous public sculptures being Scallop situated on Aldeburgh beach, Suffolk. We are proud to exhibit her painting, printmaking and sculpture in our exhibition.


Maggi Hambling, North Sea, storm approaching, 2015

Len Tabner works and lives in North Yorkshire. He was born in 1956 near Middlesbrough, studied at Middlesbrough College of Art, Bath Academy of Art and the University of Reading. He has exhibited at many galleries and his works have been purchased by Northern Arts, the Washington Development Corporation, Unilever and others. He is a watercolour painter and printmaker whose favourite subjects are landscapes and seascapes. He paints outdoors in all weathers which gives his pictures of storms at sea a wild immediacy. Although watercolour is the base of his material use he also utilises conte chalk and graphite to intensify the finished piece. In this exhibition South Gare Looking Down Towards Coatham is displayed from our 20th century permanent watercolour collection.


Len Tabner, South Gare Looking Down Towards Coatham

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