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William Roberts RA, Fishermen, 1968, 457mm x 343mm

William Roberts RA. Born 1895 in London, where he continued to live except for periods as a War Artist in World Wars I and II. Studied at St, Martin’s School of Art and the Slade School. Painter in oil and watercolour of figure subjects, of everyday scenes and portraits. Although his early work was influenced by Cubism (he was a member of the Vorticists) his style whether in oil or watercolour is unmistakably his own. The people of his vision, although realistic, are solid, stiff and formalised. Each one is made to contribute to a very carefully organised overall design which completely fills the picture - nothing can be taken away and nothing added. This picture is typical both of the scenes he painted and his style. There are paintings in the Tate Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery and many other galleries. He died in 1980.

Elizabeth Blackadder RA, Hillside Traquair, I972, 660mm X 1010 mm

Elizabeth Blackadder was born in 1931 at Falkirk and studied at the University of Edinburgh College of Art where she now teaches drawing and painting. In 1955 she was awarded a travelling scholarship to Italy and has since worked in France and Portugal. The Hillside is typical of her landscapes in which naturalism is formalised by solid forms and subdued colours. She has had exhibitions in London, Edinburgh and Florence and her work is in many public galleries.

Peter Coker RA, St. Blaise, Méziéres-au-Perche, 1973, 546mm x 749mm

Peter Coker RA. Born I926 in London. Studied at St. Martin’s School of Art and the Royal College of Art. Lives in Manningtree, Essex and like Edward Bawden and John Nash (a friend and neighbour) is generally termed an Essex painter. A figurative painter his early work included still lifes but more recently he has turned almost exclusively to landscape painting. His oil paintings are influenced by the French Impressionists, particularly Cezanne, but he has his own style with its bold forms and strong colour. In this picture he used sanguine — a deep red crayon prepared from iron oxide. His first retrospective exhibition was appropriately held in Essex — at the Minories, Colchester, and his works have been acquired by the Arts Council, the Contemporary Art Society and provincial galleries.

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