At the gallery there are plenty of opportunities for volunteering, whether its one day a month or a regular morning slot. If you can’t commit to a time we also need volunteers who are able to help with the putting up and taking down of exhibitions which happens every 2 to 3 months. Whatever your skills we can use them and in turn we can offer a nice, friendly and artistic environment to spend your spare time, the opportunity to meet new people and to develop or create skills. Everyone is welcome and if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact the gallery.

Please click here to download the volunteer application form which you can fill in and return into the gallery.

FHSC-Logo-blackSML1 copyThe Friends of Harlow Sculpture Collection are always looking for new volunteers and members to join their group which helps to promote and care for the large collection of sculptures in the town. For more information see our about us page.

Volunteer’s Views

"I have volunteered to help in the Gibberd Gallery for a few years now and have enjoyed each experience. Now though it really feels like being one of the team sharing the time with other volunteers who are helping with the office work and computer contacts and just and getting to know them. Meeting the members of the public who come in to see the exhibitions - or just to find out what is there is the biggest bonus and leads to many interesting conversations. What really helps with each new exhibition is meeting the Artist and finding out first hand why and how they created their art works, this make talking with visitors so much easier than just reading the notes, Each time I talk to someone about what is on show it is like seeing it with fresh eyes and often seeing something new in the display. I would recommend anyone with just a little bit of interest in art and in people to volunteer in the Gallery on a regular basis, once a week or even just once or twice a month - it makes such a difference to visitors to be met with a welcome smile and the opportunity to share their experience".

Jenny L

"I became a volunteer at the Gibberd Gallery after finishing my degree in Fine Art. I found getting paid work in the arts difficult and decided that volunteering would not only give me experience in my chosen field but also be an enjoyable way to spend my time whilst looking for work. At the gallery I do a variety of tasks, one which I really enjoy is installing exhibitions. I feel like I can give positive input into tasks and that my ideas are listened to. Just stewarding at the gallery I am always meeting new and different people. I feel good that I have helped the gallery in imparting my skills in design and I.T creating posters and invites. I feel valued by the gallery and by attending and helping at private views I am able to see all my hard work turned into a successful and appreciated show that people enjoy. There's always a great atmosphere in the gallery, normally tea and cakes and lots of laughs".

Hannah L


Gibberd Gallery,
Civic Centre,
The Water Gardens,
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