OUT ON TOUR 14th - 20th March

With art events across Harlow OUT ON TOUR successfully managed to get people talking about the towns sculpture collection and permanent watercolour collection.

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Many people admired the installation by Times Echoed artists Fiona Bennett and Mike Coombs in the gallery community window which featured 9 photomontages which were adapted from donated images as well as the thought provoking soundscape which interupted the daily hum of the civic centre.  

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Rich Tea Projects artists Amanda Westbury and Elaine Tribley quickly got reactions when they wrapped four of the sculptures in the town in broad daylight. Many local people were inquisitive and were worried that the sculptures where going to removed and taken to London whilst others suggested more to be wrapped. #Harlow Wrap is still currently ongoing with one sculpture in the town still wrapped. The other three were removed (very neatly) by an anonymous person and by the weather. Rich Tea also prepared a tour of the sculptures in the town with people attending finding out more of the unusual history of the sculputres.

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Plenty of exciting bags were created with a workshop run by Ellen Love using relief printing techniques. Families inspired by the collections of Harlow were able to create a unique accessory and discuss the art of the town. 

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Artist Sally Gorman set up a studio in the civic centre to create a new modern family group inspired by the Henry Moore 'Harlow Family Group' which sits carved of stone in the Civic Centre. Many admired and found joy in this new representation with a mother, father, child and grandmother. The sculpture is now exhibited in the Gibberd Gallery window in the Civic Centre until the 21st April. 


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