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The Gibberd Gallery would like to commission two creative consultants to work with two Wards of Harlow to raise awareness and profile of their local businesses.

Harlow has eleven Wards which, in the original planning by Sir Frederick Gibberd, were small villages serving the needs of the immediate community. As Harlow developed, neighbourhood shopping centres were created, ensuring the community/village feel was embedded amongst local residents and business community.

Over the years, with social and commercial changes taking place, some of the neighbourhood shopping centres have struggled to maintain their position as community hubs and no longer fulfil the original concept as imagine by Gibberd and the New Town pioneers.

With the diverse range of public and private services and there locations within the community, the centres still offer unique community hub opportunities, providing  both social and economic benefits; but due to the inward facing infrastructures, poor promotion and ageing public open spaces, do not capture the potential footfall and daily spend that other competing centres do. And, public and business engagement is sporadic, inconsistent and under-utilised.

We want to work with the businesses in two of these Wards: Bush Fair and the Stow.

We will support the future viability of the centres for commercial and community uses ensuring that they are and remain competitive and desirable for investment. We will work with Harlow Council providing creative consultants to help them better engage with tenants and members of the public, in an innovative and tangible way.

The consultants will join a focused group of landlords and shop owners and contribute their specialism to help provide unique benefits to both improvements to the public open space but also the individual tenant’s units.

This role requires an individual with a head for business, practicality, creativity, organisation and good communication skills. You will be given the flexibility to think outside the box and create concepts to improve the neighbourhood shopping centres, which then will be considered for additional funding, given evidence of proposals and planning. Your ideas can be as physical as revamping window displays, creating unique and coherent branding, to changing the logistics of how the business currently run. Having experience working in community and/or business based projects is highly recommended as well as a good local knowledge of the chosen Wards. Previous examples of innovative research methods are also to be considered when applying for this job.

It is anticipated that the project will be delivered over 9 - 12 months, with consultants and practitioners appointed to each ward, receiving a total payment of £6,250 each.

All who apply for the commission need to have public liability insurance and a current DBS (previously CRB) check.

The deadline for application is: Friday, 1st April 2016

The interviewing process will take place the week commencing 11th April 2016.

Please send a cover letter explaining your interest for working with us alongside your CV:

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