Artist Opportunity for 2016 - Arts and Business

Most of us have, or have had, 'day jobs' to help pay the rent. Whilst we go into those local businesses and no doubt 'give our all' to to whatever we're employed to do (bringing all those transferable skills from our art practice- creativity, practicality, problem solving, visualising...) there is part of the 'artist brain' that never switches off. Perhaps you are a magpie, collecting bits of waste material to take away and make into something amazing; perhaps you have an eye for the beauty of engineering, the elegance of the machines you use; perhaps it's words, or plans and diagrams that you notice; or a fascinating building where you work; or the interesting faces or stories of the people you encounter every day... What is your personal, 'artist's eye' relationship with business in Harlow, and could it give rise to an artistic outcome?

We want to hear you ideas and discuss a potential open commission, for work for display in the Gibberd Gallery or in a local business in November 2016. This will be part of a larger project coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the birth of fibre optic communications with the work of Charles Kao in Harlow. The project and exhibition will celebrate the history of innovation in the town, looking at local people's relationships with technology, creativity and enterprise and exploring how productive partnerships can be formed between business, education and the arts . A range of residencies and partnership initiatives are currently being planned for 2016; alongside this we want to make sure there are opportunities for local artists to have their ideas embedded and their work showcased.

If you wish to find out more about being involved, please attend an informal meeting on Saturday 21st November from 10.30am - 11.30am at the Gibberd Gallery or send us an email.


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