Review of MID POINT exhibition by Young Curator

The Gibberd Gallery's MID POINT exhibition in Harlow Town features a range of bold oil paintings and a delicate wooden sculpture beautifully lit among the canvassed walls. MID POINT celebrates new art graduates Abe Pardue, Sarah Foyster and Anwar Talukdar and their emerging talent onto the art scene.

To have the opportunity to exhibit work in such a renowned gallery fresh out of Univeristy is a major and extraodinary privilege. Each artist has met a high standard of creativity and proved themselves to be an activity addition to the Gibberd Gallery's history.

MID POINT is open until the 6th February and and the gallery is holding a meet the artist event on Saturday 31st January starting at 1pm. This event will engage the public and give an insight into the artists and their work. 

Written by Young Curator Robyn Bailey 


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